Trends & Market Insights – Easy Upgrades & Premium Facilities

This is the first in our series of quarterly blogs, sharing our expertise and highlighting the most up-to-date trends and insights from across the industry. This blog focuses on two of the key trends we are seeing with our customers currently, and we expect to continue to feature in many more projects to come. 


Trend 1: Easy Upgrades

For some gyms and leisure facilities, the full-scale refurbishment of changing areas isn’t always feasible. Budget constraints, available space and timescales all need to be considered when exploring options. But there are smart ways in which clubs can refresh changing rooms without requiring a full renovation. 

Locker carcases, infills, and bench supports and frames are elements that typically go unnoticed by members and can often be durable enough to be retained, saving time and budget. Where constraints exist when seeking to upgrade or refresh a changing rooms’ look and feel, the focus should be on more visible features to make more of an impact.

New bench tops and locker doors are a popular way to do this, whilst internally cladding changing room cubicles is a simple yet effective way of refreshing the space and matching upgrades elsewhere.

One example of this ‘easy upgrades’ in action is our recent project with Hilton Hotel Leicester where we retained the locker carcases, bench supports and frames, and the locker infills, but transformed the look and feel of the changing room, replacing the locker doors and locks, bench tops, private changing cubicle doors and internally cladded the changing cubicles to freshen up along with the doors and benching.


As seen from the before and after pictures above, this led to a significant upgrade in appearance, functionality and design, whilst allowing the project to be within Hilton’s budget and time constraints.


Trend 2: Premium Facilities That Enhance User Experience

Gyms and leisure facilities are no longer the purely functional facilities that they once were, with members increasingly seeking facilities that form part of an experience, and even worthy of appearing on someone’s Instagram feed!

As a result of this, the ‘boutique’ and premium facility style have become more mainstream, even amongst budget gyms and leisure centres, and locker rooms and changing areas form an increasingly central part in this to keep in-line with upgrades elsewhere.

The design of changing rooms plays a key role in enhancing user experience, from a layout perspective all the way to the colours of locker doors and units.

Earthy, neutral colours have been a key trend over the last few years and looks set to continue increasing in popularity with sleek designs such as this Egger Sand Orleans Oak finish at our Lifestyle Fitness & V1BE Manchester Mosley Street install becoming more and more frequent.

Lighting is also increasingly important in achieving  ‘Instagram worthy’ pictures for members. Ensuring locker rooms are bright and mood-enhancing further enhances the user experience. Whether this is achieved by using lighter colours for the lockers such as these Alpine White lockers and cubicles from our COACH Gyms + Surge Padel installation, or the use of LED lighting as used at New Age Fitness’ Wishaw gym, brighter spaces are key to creating a premium look and feel.


Technical solutions such as digital locks can also further enhance the premium appearance and experience of a locker room, whilst also enhancing security for members and as a more efficient lock, reduces repairs for facilities.

For facilities with a pool, the SUITMATE Swimsuit Water Extractor can further enhance a member’s perceptions of a premium experience. Its ability to remove 95% of water from a wetsuit in just 8 seconds ensures members have a safe and simplified departure from your facility, whilst making the facility and changing rooms easier to maintain.


To find out more about our comprehensive locker and changing room solutions, whatever the size and scale of your project, please enquire now and a member of our team will be in touch to support you.