Outfitting Forest House: The Inside View

Forest House Watford, a revolutionary health club dedicated to empowering individuals to embrace each day, recently entrusted us with the task of outfitting their changing rooms to align with their vision of a retreat style health club in the heart of Watford, that brings a more personalised and elevated experience to the local community.

In this guest article, Jon Williams, the Group Managing Director of Forest House Boutique Health Club, offers an exclusive glimpse into how we helped turn their concept into reality.


Transforming Our Changing Rooms with Safe Space Lockers

At Forest House, we take pride in creating an exceptional experience for our members. When it came to outfitting our changing rooms, we wanted nothing but the best. That’s why we turned to Safe Space Lockers, and we couldn’t be happier with the results.

The Ordering Process: Streamlined and Efficient 

From the moment we initiated contact with Safe Space Lockers, it was clear that we were dealing with a company that prioritised professionalism and efficiency. The ordering process was smooth and hassle-free. Their team of experts guided us through every step, from choosing the locker configurations to selecting finishes that complemented our boutique aesthetic. They listened to our needs and provided solutions tailored to our unique requirements, ensuring that our vision for the changing rooms was realised.

Design Excellence: Customised for Our Brand 

Safe Space Lockers understood the importance of design in creating a welcoming and functional changing room environment. They worked closely with our interior designers to create locker solutions that seamlessly blended with the overall aesthetic of Forest House. The attention to detail, flexibility in design options, and commitment to meeting our brand’s requirements were truly impressive.

Installation: Professional and On-Time 

The installation phase was executed with precision and professionalism. Safe Space Lockers’ installation team ensured that every locker was installed securely and efficiently, adhering to our strict timeline. The process was seamless, with minimal disruption to our club’s operations, allowing us to open our doors to members on schedule.

Result: Elevating the Forest House Experience

Thanks to Safe Space Lockers, our changing rooms have become more than just a place to store belongings; they are an extension of the Forest House experience. The quality, craftsmanship, and attention to detail in the lockers have not only met but exceeded our expectations. Members now enjoy a premium and secure space to prepare for their workouts or wind down after.

We are delighted to have partnered with Safe Space Lockers in creating an environment that reflects the excellence and commitment to quality that defines Forest House. Their dedication to exceptional service and product quality aligns perfectly with our values, making them a valuable partner in our journey to redefine fitness in Watford.

In summary, Safe Space Lockers has played an integral role in bringing our vision to life, enhancing our member experience, and ensuring that every visit to Forest House is nothing short of exceptional.


To find out more about our comprehensive locker and changing room solutions, whatever the size and scale of your project, please enquire now and a member of our team will be in touch to support you.