From Empty Spaces to Fitness Havens: Behind the Scenes of our Latest Gym Projects

2023 has been a busy year for us so far, with a variety of diverse projects ranging from boutique studios to large-scale leisure centres. We’ve extended our portfolio to include collaborations with Hybrid Fitness, Total Swimming Group, Energym and the new £3m Forest House club in Watford, each with their own unique challenges around space, time and budget.

At Buzz Gym Cannon Street, a former gym that had been gutted out, there were no locker doors or shower cubicles and only basic furnishings remained. All this was replaced and new vanity units and benches were installed, all in line with the Buzz Gym brand and to a tight deadline and on budget. 

Some, like Buzz Gyms, know exactly what they’re looking for and provide a detailed brief, while others come with a fully open brief, allowing us to help build their scope of work in line with their brand and requirements. 

Hybrid Fitness Reigate

Hybrid Fitness in Reigate wanted a great looking changing environment where members could feel at home, but beyond that, they asked us to help design them a solution in-line with their business strategy. With future growth in mind, we put a plan in place that allowed for expansion and the team were so impressed with the final outcome at Reigate that they now use the project specification as their standard across franchises.

Changing room facilities play a pivotal role in a gym’s overall offering, regardless of whether they cater to budget or luxury memberships. Driven by a commitment to innovation and exceptional service, we approach each of our projects with the same level of care and attention to detail they deserve. 

This diversity of projects is probably best illustrated by two recent projects. Forest House is a new £3m club in Watford where digital lockers and stylish grooming areas were installed in the changing rooms. Meanwhile, at Total Swimming Group’s facilities we supplied good quality, attractive and hard-wearing cubicles and lockers that could withstand the daily rigours of continuous use by children and families.

Through comprehensive services, including design, consultation, locker servicing, and maintenance, we ensure that changing rooms are seamlessly integrated into the gym experience. To learn more about how we can work with you to optimise your space, contact us.

Here is a look inside some of our other recent projects: