UFC GYM is the first major brand extension of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, the world leader in mixed martial arts. With over 150 UFC clubs worldwide, UFC GYM opened its inaugural UK sites in Nottingham and Woking late last year. The UFC GYM in Nottingham provides a variety of classes, including Mixed Martial Arts, boxing and Jiu-jitsu in UFC-style Octagons and turf areas. The CLASS UFC GYM in Woking offers members UFC GYM’s most popular fitness classes BOX and HIIT. These 50-minute workouts are a modern twist on traditional boxing and high intensity interval training. With varying requirements to both gyms, Safe Space were picked to work with UFC GYM in installing lockers for the Nottingham and Woking sites.


With this being the first UK sites to open for UFC GYM, Safe Space were aware that a high-quality service was required along with products that kept with the global branding. The main goal for UFC GYM was to make sure they could maximise the amount of space available. With classes available all day at the sites, the main aim for the client was for Safe Space to maximise the available space to ensure there’s enough availability during peak times. In addition, UFC GYM also required to have the function of automatically opening to stop members leaving things in overnight. Lockers would be capable of opening 30 minutes after the gym closes every night.


  • 3 & 4 tier lockers + 2 & 3 tier lockers
  • Egger Cubanit doors + Cashmere grey locker doors
  • Anthracite interior with Agua Fusion Diamond Carmine stitched upholstered bench seating
  • Tan leather upholstered bench seating
  • Digi lock Axis lock mechanism with software
"Last minute changes to site designs and build are not uncommon and suppliers often need to adapt/ flex accordingly. Safe Space did this and were able to find solutions to challenges quickly, remaining calm and professional in what could potentially be a stressful situation."
Head of Procurement, UFC GYM UK